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Charger was a Farseer prince and briefly a King of the Six Duchies. He later became known as the Piebald Prince of folk tales. He was the bastard son of queen-in-waiting Caution and her stablemaster Lostler. The name Charger was given to him by Felicity and although it was entered on the rolls of Buckkeep, the name was not sealed to him, and he was known as Piebald or The Piebald Prince.

He was a mottled but otherwise healthy baby. He was silent like his father and stubborn like his mother and had the look of the Farseers with black hair and brown eyes. The left side of his face was of normal colour but on the right side, from brow to chin but not around his mouth, was a blotch the colour of an overripe berry. He had another blotch at the nape of his neck and over his left shoulder and three blots on his left arm, one of them shaped like a bird with outstretched wings. Another blotch was on his right leg from the back of his thigh to just below his knee.

He was tested for Skill but had very little aptitude for it. He was Witted. His bond-animal was a raven but this was a closely guarded secret even among his friends. Most of his followers, who became known as the Motley court were Witted also. He was nursed and brought up by Felicity, together with her own son Redbird who became Charger's childhood friend and later his minstrel.

At the age of 13, he was made a page to his grandfather King Virile. He was made king-in-waiting when he was 17 during high summer and crowned king by the time of the Springfest (the following year?).

He was slain by the group of men consisting of