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A minstrel, sister of Jay. Also called Starling Birdsong, and the howling bitch by Nighteyes. Both the wolf and the Fool suspected her motives in befriending Fitz, but she and Fitz still maintained a relationship as occasional, casual lovers for more than a decade.

A victim of the raiding that took place during the Red Ship War, Starling was raped and became pregnant with her attacker's child. Not wanting to keep the baby, she went to an apothecary to buy herbs that would cause her to miscarry. However, the herbs given to her were not successful, and on returning to the apothecary, was told that it was best to simply carry the baby to term. Starling was unhappy with the idea, and went to another, who supplied her with a stronger drug that managed to terminate the pregnancy, as well as make her infertile.

She witnessed Fitz's attempt at finding Verity and the awakening of Verity's dragon; after returning to Buckkeep, she remained at Kettricken's side helping in the Cleansing of Buck. Later she also tracked down Fitz and visited him various times a year, bringing him new tales and songs, as well as more practical things such as inks and paper. The other side to these visits was that she kept Chade informed about Fitz. She also found Hap and brought him to live with Fitz.

Starling married Dewin sometime during the reign of Queen Kettricken while Fitz was still living in his quiet cottage as Tom Badgerlock; the knowledge of her marriage made Fitz cut off their sexual relationship despite Starling's protests.

She is first described as being a "typical Buck woman", dark-haired, with dark eyes and about the height of Fitz's shoulder.

Famous songs by Starling Birdsong